Reinventing Strategic Planning

There has been much talk in the past 10 years about the term "reengineering this" or "reengineering that." However, the Haines Centre for Strategic Management believes that what we have done over the past 13 years is "re-in­vented" the Strategic Planning Process.  We differentiate our work frorn reengineering because our re-inventing process started with a blank sheet of paper.  We then completely re-invented a new Strategic Plan­ning Process based on Systems Thinking for the first time.  We turned it into a 21st Cen­tury Yearly Strategic Management System and Cycle that high performance organiza­tions use - resulting inmany fundamental differences from the past...... Click here for full article


A Systems View of the Organization

The idea of looking outward, of looking beyond the walls of the company office building is not new.   What is relatively new to many executives, is the idea of looking at the world as a collection of systems that create a whole and examining the relationships between those systems to determine how they affect the whole. Systems Theory, as applied to organizational management, puts forth the premise that all organizations are systems, and all systems are part of larger systems. How a subsystem fits the needs of the larger system ultimately determines if that subsystem prospers or is left to wither on the vine. ......... Click here for full article.

The Systems Thinking Approach

Systems Thinking is a heavily researched and rigorous macro-scientific theory with its roots in the Universal Laws of Living Systems on Earth and in ecology and biology. It is analogous to DNA in humans; it defines our life-giving characteristics. An Austrian, Ludwig Von Bertalanffy is the father of what he called General Systems Theory when he formed the Society of General Systems Research in 1954 with Margaret Meade and four other superstar Nobel Prize winners from economics, physiology, physics, and Von Bertalanffy in biology. It has been a more recent focus of Dr. Russell Ackoff (renaissance professor emeritus at University of Pennsylvania) and Jay Forrester at MIT in Systems Dynamics, among others......... Click here for full article