Strategic Planning Facilitation


We facilitate your strategic planning sessions and retreats as external facilitators.  We also coach you and consult with you to create your own strategic management system to ensure successful implementation and execution of your strategic plans.
For a background of how our Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning was developed, please click here.

Strategic Change Implementation

We coach and consult with your management team to ensure successful execution of your strategic plan, and implementation of your various strategic initiatives, through cultural and enterprise-wide change.  

We also work with you to craft effective communication plans, and create high impact team-building programs, to support the change effort.

Strategic Review Facilitation

We facilitate your annual or periodic strategic review sessions as external facilitators, to:

  • Review the status of, and update,  your strategic plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategic management system, and tighten where necessary

Developing Innovation Capacity

We help you develop your innovation capacity by:

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Customizing a practical system for continual innovation for your organization, and guiding you through its implementation
  • Facilitating your innovation teams to achieve breakthrough innovations

Management Development

We develop your management competencies through:

  • Training (In-house & Open-registration Programs)
  • Coaching (Individual & Group)
  • Consulting & Facilitation


Team Building

We help build your teams into cohesive and effective teams

  • By creating in them a shared vision, shared values and a "common language"
  • Through the use of common tools that promote teamwork, that all members can understand and easily apply
  • Through experiential activities, in-door or out-door, that create the awareness and understanding of team dynamics